Lottery Hongkong and Singapore

Lottery Singapore

One of the most popular games in Lottery Singapore is Toto. Toto has the lowest purchase price at $1 and the most prize money is $2 million. There are seven numbers in the Toto draw: three to six winning numbers, a bonus number, and a lotus flower number. You must match at least three of these numbers to win. To play Toto, you can purchase tickets from any Singapore Pools outlet. You can also view the drawing at the Main Branch.

In Hongkong, you must match six out of the 49 numbers in order to win. You can purchase tickets for as low as HKD 10 per selection. If you are lucky, you might win seven different numbers: the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh. The fifth is the “extra number” or “half-number” in Cantonese. You can bet from $10 to $100 per selection. The winning number depends on your selection.

The numbers of your winning ticket must match the results from the previous draw. It may be shared by several people, so it is important to check the numbers before reproducing them. Many things can go wrong when playing the Lottery Singapore. For instance, the draw machine may have been configured in a way that makes the winning numbers unattractive or the incorrect ball weights could result in a different number for each ticket. These factors could result in a higher prize money for someone who did not win.